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Team Organization

You will probably want to consider carefully who on the team should be responsible for which portions of this year’s material. Since some chapters are smaller than others, assigning students to each learn the same number of chapters might not be the best strategy. The tables below show our recommended assignments. The goals we had were:

  • Each assignment should be about the same size as the other assignments. This is to help spread the effort equally across the team members.
  • Normally we consider if the content of two chapters is similar. Those chapters should be assigned to different team members because many people have difficulty memorizing two passages that are nearly identical. However, this year we don’t see much similarity that would present this challenge; so, we tried to make each assignment a contiguous set of chapters.
  • Each verse should be assigned to one student as a primary responsibility and to a second student as a secondary responsibility. This enables the students to consult with each other during the tests and help each other remember the details required to answer the questions. Also, if one student unexpectedly is unable to participate, the remaining team members are prepared to answer the questions. The table below shows primary assignments with 1 in the table. Secondary assignments are shown with 2.
  • Each student should have a study partner that leverages the primary and secondary responsibilities. This way, if the full team can't get together for every practice session, pairs of students can meet and study effectively.

Suppose the team members are Alex, Adam, Lexi, Jordan, Jeffrey, and Noah. Also suppose that Alex and Jordan will be partners, Adam and Jeffrey will be partners, and that Lexi and Noah will be partners. The table below shows that Alex has the primary responsibility for Luke chapters 1-4 and Jordan has secondary responsibility for it.

Team Member Assignments
Segment Words Alex Jordan Adam Jeffrey Lexi Noah
Luke 1-4 4839 1 2
Luke 5-8 5064 1 2
Luke 9-11 4013 2 1
Luke 12-16 4811 1 2
Luke 17-21 4785 2 1
Luke 22-24 3854 2 1
Primary Words 4839 4013 5064 3854 4811 4785
Secondary Words 4013 4839 3854 5064 4785 4811
Total 8852 8852 8918 8918 9596 9596

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