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Exodus Study Guide

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Welcome to the Ready Answers Bible Memorization Curriculum for Exodus!

The Ready Answers Bible Memorization Program is designed to help you memorize Bible passages easily and quickly. It is based on many well-proven strategies for memorizing. This material is designed to help prepare for tests on the book of Exodus, such as the 2016 Pathfinder Bible Experience or Bible Bowl events. It is also helpful any study of the book of Exodus. Others simply enjoy reading Exodus with these illistrations to make the verses easier to understand or to help retain the attention of younger children.

We are dividing Exodus into 12 segments. Each segment takes approximately 20 minutes to read. If your teams consist of 6 members, each member should learn at least 2 segments. Please read the forward included in any of the segments for additional guidance. For simpler navigation within these pdf files, turn on the option to view the document's outline (also called bookmarks).

30MB Chapters 1-4
22MB Chapters 5-8
15MB Chapters 9-10
49MB Chapters 11-14
29MB Chapters 15-18
23MB Chapters 19-22
15MB Chapters 23-25
12MB Chapters 26-28
43MB Chapters 29-31
30MB Chapters 32-34
36MB Chapters 35-37
66MB Chapters 38-40

Here is a listing of over 200 of the most Similar Verses in Exodus. The following list suggests ways you can create some mental separation between these verses to help avoid becoming confused by their similarity:
  1. Learn one verse in the set thoroughly before learning another verse in the same set.
  2. Think of a different picture with each verse.
  3. Learn each verse in the set while you are in a different location.
  4. Assign each of the similar verses to different people on the team.

Biblical Units of Measure

In many editions of the Bible and in Bible dictionaries you can often find tables that explain the size of units like hin, omer, and epha. However, through extensive research we have found that some of the numbers in many of these tables can't be correct. We have compared various passages of the Bible together with archeological finds, other historic documents, and our own experimental archeology. From each of these sources we deduce an upper limit and/or a lower limit on the size of the units. From these results we present the size range that is possible for each. This presentation enables further refinement as more evidence of their sizes is uncovered. For details please read Constraints on the Hin, Omer, and Ephah.

Additional research on the sizes of weight measurements, especially the sanctuary shekel is also provided.

Biblical Bread Recipes

Do you want to make some bread like they did in Exodus? Try these:

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